Our unparalleled response to client needs, originates from many years’ of experience in providing bespoke automation solutions. From standalone assembly fixtures to collaborative robots and high speed automated machines. Each bespoke solution is tailored to our client’s requirement through rigorous design and risk reduction reviews. Our involvement with an extremely diverse range of industries has allowed us to adapt to challenges and develop our skills over time, further enhancing the value we provide to our clients.

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Machine Loading

There are different ways of achieving competitive, profitable production, but the basic requirements are the same regardless of the strategy you choose: quality, orderly and systematic production planning, and spindles... Read more

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Over the years, SP Technology has supplied a wide range of machines and bespoke automated solutions to the automotive industry, from tier 1 through to tier 2 and tier, processing of... Read more

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SP Technology has been designing and building custom automation equipment for the medical device assembly industry since the company was founded. We have built many automated medical device assembly systems... Read more

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Our projects include pharmaceutical manufacturing automation systems. Intense competition, higher production requirements and a strict regulatory environment place pressure on pharma manufacturers to optimise production. The pharmaceutical industry is facing... Read more

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The assembly system is designed around a race track type conveyor and feeds tooled pallets around the system to one of 10 modules. As the pallet progresses, the device on... Read more

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Providing solutions to the electronics sector has been a major part of SP Technology’s business since the company began, from high speed surface mount solutions to automated testing, our systems... Read more

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Our systems have included full turnkey solutions to allow for carton erecting, leaflet insertion and labelling. From primary packaging, secondary packaging through to tertiary packaging we apply serialisation methodology and... Read more

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Food & Drink

Consumers continually seek new and different tastes and nutritional value,  meaning you must get new, high-quality products through your facility quickly to keep prices low and food safer. We design... Read more

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