Medical Device Automation

SP Technology has been designing and building custom automation equipment for the medical device automation assembly industry since the company was founded. We have built many automated medical device assembly systems over the years in accordance with GAMP regulations and understand the FDA validation requirements to which our medical device assembly automation equipment and pharmaceutical customers must comply.

Multiple part inhaler assemblies have been assembled by SP Technology for over 30 years. Usually located in clean-rooms, these systems, have included full assembly of device counters, full functional and quality checking, assembly, labeling and printing at speeds between 40 and 200 parts per minute.

These automated machines, have also incorporated air flow and functional checks along with high accuracy Vision Inspection Systems ensure our bespoke automated solutions provide our customers with fully functionally tested devices.

Our solutions to the medical device industry are vast, including the complete assembly of needle free injection devices, surgical instruments and catheters. If you are considering medical device automation then get in touch to discuss your options. We work closely with our world leading suppliers such as Beckhoff Automation and Universal Robots in order to develop the best solution, unique to your process.

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Key features and equipment

  • Auto loading from moulding systems
  • Auto buffer feeding from bowl feed and hoppers
  • Full assembly including complex counters
  • Functional and assembly checking
  • Capping
  • High accuracy labelling using SP Technology designed labelling system (+/-0.1mm)
  • Final packaging
  • Output – 40 to 200 ppm

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