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This machine was designed to accept trays of eight shortbread rounds. After clamping the tray, a vision system locates the position of the rounds on the tray and relay the positions to a suitably tooled ABB 6-axis fully articulated robot, which cuts the rounds into “Petticoat Tails”. After cutting, the trays were conveyed and transferred to a return conveyor where the product passes under a sugar sifter prior to the operator removing the processed tray and returning it to a rack. Our systems have also included automated solutions for the dairy, Whiskey and fish processing industry providing unique solutions including automatic inspection systems, palletising machines, filling and capping machines to name but a few.


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Key features and equipment

  • Auto feeding of trays

  • Clamp and location of trays

  • Vision detection of rounds (position)

  • Robot positions above rounds

  • Robot lowers and “cuts” through product

  • Robot lifts, clamps released

  • Tray conveyed under sugar shaker and to packaging

  • Output – 40 rounds/minute

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