Over the years, SP Technology has supplied a wide range of machines and bespoke automated solutions to the automotive industry. From processing of interiors, to the assembly of steering systems,  bespoke automated solutions have been able to solve manufacturing problems that could not otherwise have been done using traditional methods.


Other applications have included, timing belt manufacturing, tyre pressure sensor assembly, interior moulding prep, and robotic welding as well as many other processes commonly found in the automotive industry. We use dedicated robots equipped with advanced vision and motion control systems for assembling, welding, sorting, inspecting or painting. These solutions are often suited to performed repetitive tasks that demand high levels of throughput and may put humans at risk. Whatever your process, SP Technology can provide the correct solution to improve your cycle time, increase throughput and overall provide you with a bespoke competitive advantage.


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Key features and equipment

  • Full poke yoke methodology
  • Vision inspection systems
  • High definition printing machines
  • Robotic welding machines
  • Automated drilling and tapping systems

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