Indexing & Transport Systems

An automation system uses various types of indexing & transport systems to pass the product from one operation to the next until the assembly or test process is complete resulting in the finished product. The transfer systems can take a variety of forms such as Beckhoff XTS, floating pallet system (e.g. Flexlink, Bosch), standard conveying or a conventional mechanical indexing system which can be either linear or rotary (e.g. Weiss, De-Sta-Co).


Considerations for Indexing & Transport Systems

There are a number of factors which dictate the methodology that should be used for a particular system – these include speed of transfer, accuracy required at operation stations, mass of tooling and product, external forces applied during operation, programmability of the operation position, continuous motion requirement and of course the budget which the system must fall within. With over 35-years producing systems using all of the transfer methodologies, you can be sure SP Technology can make the wisest choice to suit your needs.


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