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SP Technology and Collaborative Robots

General Motors spearheaded a research project in 1995 into making robots so safe that they could literally work hand in hand with people. Twenty-three years later, cobots (collaborative robots) have... Read more

Robotics & Automation – Unveiling of our demo machine!

  SP Technology is aiming to provide attendees with a showcase of what can be incorporated into your new automated system. Solutions have overcome hurdles faced by clients including; assembly,... Read more

The three cell process to data acquisition

Accurate data control is a requirement in most industries. Recording data at each stage of the manufacturing process ensures a traceable product and allows for an assurance of quality on... Read more

Medical device company ready to ramp up production with automation

The system is a fully automated machine, made up of three assembly and test modules. Specially coated bowl feed systems are used to feed very delicate parts into a rotary... Read more

Bottling Filling Automation

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Plastic Moulding Automation

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Chemical Bottling Production Automation

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Factory Automation Conveyor

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Part Feeding and Handling

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Part Handling and Part Feeding Vibratory Bowl

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Quadruple Award Finalists

SP Technology has proudly been shortlisted for four of the Courier Business Awards 2018. We feel this further acknowledges that we are indeed innovative forward thinkers and experts in our... Read more

Robotics & Automation Exhibition

SP Technology are looking forward to exhibiting at this year's Robotics & Automation Exhibition. We will be showcasing the latest advances in automation and our live demo machine will perform... Read more

Year of the Engineer

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Benefits of Automated Production Lines

Why should I automate my production line?   A series of workstations linked by a transfer system and an electrical control system is known as an automated production line. Each... Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial Robots

  When deciding to introduce industrial robots into your production line, consideration should be given to both the advantages as well as the disadvantages of industrial robots prior to a... Read more

Automated Medical Device & Assembly Systems

SP Technology has an exhaustive history of designing and manufacturing top class, bespoke automated equipment for the medical device assembly industry. With an extensive knowledge of this extremely regulated industry,... Read more

Bespoke automation – what does it mean?

What does Bespoke Automation mean?   SP Technology believe that bespoke automation means discovering the best automation solutions to meet our clients bespoke automation needs. Every machine, every factory and... Read more

Feeding & Handling Automation

SP Technology integrates the latest technologies into our bespoke automated machines. These include vibratory bowl feeders, which are used to feed small individual components into another part of the machine... Read more

Benefits of Automation in Manufacturing

Why Automate in Manufacturing? Technology has advanced so much that is has changed the way we manufacture. Developments in different areas including robotics, collaborative automation and industrial vision have opened... Read more
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