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Robotic Automation

Robotic automation is becoming more and more popular over a wide range of industries. Businesses are further realising the advantages...

Bottling Filling Automation

Plastic Moulding Automation

Chemical Bottling Production Automation

Factory Automation Conveyor

Part Feeding and Handling

Part Handling and Part Feeding Vibratory Bowl

Year of the Engineer

PET Bottling Line Automation

Removal of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles from a blow moulding machine prior to processing them through a vision inspection system.

Automated Filling Line for Production Line Efficiency

Glass bottle filling line, providing accurate fill levels and high-speed throughput. These systems have also included automatic weighing and automatic...

Pick & Place Automation / Robotic Material Handling

High speed robotic pick and place for part handling production using robotic platforms including scara, six axis and collaborative robots...

Automated Packaging Production Line

Packaging production line ensures accurate placement serialisation of the products.

Pharmaceutical Assembly Line Machine

The completely automated production line, involving the assembly, filling, capping and final inspection of the medical device.   Here we...

Automated Vision Inspection System

Automated vision inspection of fill levels, verifying in-process control checks, with results being collated through data collection and scada systems....

Feed Conveyors

Feed conveyors for the transportation of FMCG to and from our bespoke automated machines. Each conveyor is configured to different...

Robotic / Automated Assembly System

Robotic and automated assembly systems utilise 6 axis, delta, scara and collaborative robots. Each system is designed to suit our...

Stitching Machine Automation

Automated sewing machines and electronic component assembly machines designed to suit numerous products and processes.

Box Packaging Automation

Our box packaging automation systems are all uniquely designed and built to handle, glue, staple, wrap as well as traditional...

Medical Device Packaging

Multiple part inhaler assemblies have been assembled by SP Technology for over 30 years. Usually located in clean-rooms, these systems,...

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