Benefits of Machine Loading Robots 

March 22nd 2019

Benefits of Machine Loading Robots We are regularly asked the benefits of machine loading robots. Production speeds and safety is increased when using robots for... Read Article

The Top Seven Types of Robots

March 22nd 2019

The Top Seven Types of Robots There are seven main types of robots; Articulated Cartesian Collaborative Robots SCARA Cylindical Delta Polar Each one has additional... Read Article

How Much Do Industrial Robots Cost?

March 21st 2019

How Much Do Industrial Robots Cost? SP Technology are frequently asked the price of robots by our customers. The prices of the robots depend on... Read Article

Advantages & Disadvantages of Robotic Automation

March 19th 2019

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Robotic Automation? Robotic automation is becoming more and more popular over a wide range of industries. Businesses are... Read Article

How can I optimise my CNC Efficiency?

March 19th 2019

CNC Efficiency CNC machines were first introduced into industry in the 1940s and were seen to be a means to improve quality, efficiencies and also... Read Article

Proof of Principle: Why?

January 14th 2019

What is Proof of Principle? A Proof of Principle prototype often referred to as Proof of Concept is the process of identifying if a particular... Read Article

What is a URS? Why is it important?

November 23rd 2018

What is a User Requirement Specification (URS) and why is it important? A URS is an extremely important technical document that is generated and used... Read Article

Cost of Industrial Automation

November 20th 2018

As indicated in the name, automation refers to something automatically occurring. Within manufacturing, process and production automation occurs with the use of robots and control... Read Article

The Benefits of Machine Vision Automation

October 30th 2018

There are many benefits of machine vision in automation. Machine vision inspection is widely recognised as a key technology for the automation of production lines.... Read Article

AI and Automation – skills for newly created jobs

October 25th 2018

Reflecting on yesterday’s Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Business Insight Conference it is clear that real collaboration must take place if jobs are to survive... Read Article

What are Robotic Systems Integrators?

October 23rd 2018

Integration is the process of programming and outfitting industrial robots so they can perform automated manufacturing tasks. Robotic integrators or system integrators are companies that... Read Article

Reducing Wastes – Lean Manufacturing

October 23rd 2018

Lean manufacturing is a trend that has existed in industry for years. Although, it is a very simple idea - do the same or more production... Read Article

Advantages of Automation

October 23rd 2018

Automation in the manufacturing industry is the process of integrating industrial machinery to automatically perform tasks such as material handling, packing, palletising, welding, dispensing and cutting... Read Article

Robotics & Automation Exhibition

October 15th 2018

A great two days at the Robotics and Automation. We always strive to prove to our new and existing clients that SP Technology - Bespoke... Read Article

Industry 4.0 – Where exactly does Robotics fit into it?

October 05th 2018

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution that will take the manufacturing industry by storm. It is a form of radical and disruptive innovation that... Read Article

Benefits of Rotary & Linear Systems

September 27th 2018

Rotary & Linear Systems - Bespoke automated systems compromise of a multitude of technologies. Incorporated into our demo machine is a linear Beckhoff Automation eXtended Transport... Read Article

SP Technology and Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

September 20th 2018

General Motors spearheaded a research project in 1995 into making robots so safe that they could literally work hand in hand with people. Twenty-three years... Read Article

The three cell process to data acquisition

August 29th 2018

Accurate data control is a requirement in most industries. Recording data at each stage of the manufacturing process ensures a traceable product and allows for... Read Article

Medical device company ready to ramp up production with automation

August 24th 2018

The system is a fully automated machine, made up of three assembly and test modules. Specially coated bowl feed systems are used to feed very... Read Article

Benefits of Automated Production Lines

August 08th 2018

Why should I consider an automated production line?   A series of workstations linked by a transfer system and an electrical control system is known... Read Article
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