Automation to Improve Production – Dundee EXPO

February 2019

SP Technology automation and robotics will be at hand to discuss your possible applications at the forthcoming Dundee EXPO on the 27th February.

We will have some simple demonstrations of robotics and automation examples of how we have helped companies not only grow but gain a competitive advantage for their business.

This is a unique event which acts as a showcase for businesses of all sizes, from all industry sectors across the area.

Automation does not have to mean completely changing your production process and spending large sums of money in the process.

With almost 35 years’ experience in working with clients to establish their needs and develop a system that is suited to them.

The first step is identifying the bottlenecks in your process to see which ones can be improved through automation.

Automation can be applied to almost any process, and SP Technology pride themselves in working closely,  and partnering with their clients, to help them realise their full potential through automating part of the process.


Collaborative Robots


In addition to bespoke automation,  cost-effective collaborate robots, which can work closely with humans, are becoming very popular where people are carrying our respective jobs, on things such as packaging, CNC machine loading, palletising and even carrying out test procedures within pharmaceutical and instrumentation environments.


This particular type of automation provides a flexible and cost-effective means to automate, allowing your people to be used for other tasks within your organisation.



This is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with business from across the Dundee & Angus area. There will be over 40 exhibitors there, plus a series of topical seminars and talks throughout the day. Enjoy a coffee in the networking lounge and catch up with contacts old and new. Entry is free. Generate more contacts in one day than you would in weeks of one to one meeting!


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